Innovations and long experience in mobile data communications

Originally a Nokia spin-off company from 1990, Aplicom is one of a select few European companies able to boast more than 20 years' experience in mobile data communications equipment for vehicles. Aplicom was established as a company in 1995 through a management buyout of the Mobile Data Unit of Nokia Corporation.

Nowadays, Aplicom is a leading independent provider of vehicle telematics, fleet management and telemetry equipment, providing not only onboard hardware, but an extensive suite of software functionality and an increasing number of added-value services.

Milestones of Aplicom

1990 - 1994

  • From Mobitex radiomodems to vehicle computers
  • The Aplicom trademark launched in 1990
  • Several thousand Mobitex communication workstations supplied to the Swedish Defence Forces
  • Aplicom modular vehicle computer (ICA) introduced in 1994

1995 - 1998

A group of employees from the early years of Aplicom

Aplicom personnel in 1998.

  • Aplicom Oy established through an MBO arrangement in 1995
  • Construction of a large system integrator network in Europe
  • ADAC, followed by other European road assistance organisations equipped with Aplicom vehicle computers in 1996
  • DaimlerChrysler selects Aplicom to supply vehicle computers for its FleetBoard® system in 1998

1999 - 2005

  • Building business growth momentum with selection of units for various segments
  • Value-added resellers in over 25 countries (1999)
  • Expansion to fixed telemetry (M2M)
  • Introduction Java based development platform
  • Aplicom starts manufacturing Nokia M2M GMS modules (2005)
  • Over 100,000 units manufactured

2006 - 2011

  • Increased value-addition with software and services
  • A new, universal telematics product family, the A1, introduced in 2007
  • Offering of  WinCE devices and Garmin navigators
  • Daimler selects the Aplicom A1 for its Europe-wide road service vehicles in 2009
  • Entering insurance telematics: the PANDA project in association with Pohjola Insurance, Nokia, Destia and Astarte
  • Aplicom introduces a GLONASS/GPS product customised for the Russian market
  • Additions to Aplicom services: Remote Download service for digital tachographs data (all digital tachograph models)

2012 - 2017

  • Strenghtening telematics product offering and entering to Auto IoT services via acquisition
  • IPR acquisition of connect car service solution in 2015
  • German subsidiary Cardian GmbH in 2016
  • Introducing new product generations (A9 2012, A9 IPEX 2013, A11 2016) with enchanced functionalities
  • Two business areas: telematics products & LinkedCar-service business in 2017
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