Aplicom's products are developed and manufactured in Finland

Along with the deglobalisation Aplicom's manufacturing has moved to Finland from China. Our products are now developed and manufactured in Finland. This is one guarantee for Aplicom's high quality and capability to be flexible on our customer's needs. 

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Carsharing application area

Aplicom offers its A9 OBD units with additions, server functions and technical solutions for carsharing and joint use of vehicles. We are involved in many different applications where Aplicom's products and technical expertise are part of a solution that enables implementation and management across multiple applications. We provide technical support for the customer at the defining stage as well as in the actual installation and testing phase. 
At its simplest the service is used for locating the car and the opening and closing of door type functions. In more complex cases, the condition of the car and driving behaviour are also monitored. Ask us for more information about how we can implement the service you need. 

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New Aplicom A11W - A11 with integrated WLAN functionality

Aplicom introduces new A11 telematics units with WLAN functionality - A11W units. The WLAN functionalities open-up many new use scenarios in different applications. For example:

  • To connect wireless displays to the vehicle telematics unit. Wireless displays can be used in the vehicle or they can be used to connect the portable terminal used outside the vehicle.
  • Telematics data can be collected while driving and it can be easily unloaded to operative system in a terminal, warehouse or other – or uploaded to telematics device.

Several versions to select

  • A11/A11W BX    Core product for standard Aplicom A11 Telematics SW and Java SDK users.
  • A11/A11W DX    Product package for Java SDK users with 2 x CAN support
  • A11/A11W MX    Product package with Aplicom telematics SW and full set of A11 SW options.
  • A11/A11W RDX  Product package with all A11 MX functions and RDL support.

Key features 

See product detail page or contact our sales staff for more information.

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