EXPAND your existing business with Aplicom’s remote download solution for digital tachograph data

Truck companies in Europe are starting to receive big fines for not following the directives for working hour regulations. For example, the authorities in Germany have already imposed six-digit fines on mid-sized truck companies for not collecting information on drivers’ working hours as per the directive. This provides a boost for the fast growth of the Aplicom RDL Service, where you can differentiate your fleet management services from your competitors.

End-customer benefits

  • Fast and more efficient download of digital tachograph data
  • No time consuming download processes at the office
  • Driver does not have to make additional trips to the office for download
  • Dispatcher can sign tasks according to real-time information of driving/ working hours
  • Automatic download removes the need for controlling the download interval of the driver and company data
  • Working hour violations can be detected and preventive actions taken
  • More effective payout of salaries

Digital tachographs have been mandatory in new trucks with a weight over 3.5 tons since May 2006 within the EU. Within the next 2-3 years the implementation rate will rise very quickly due to the renewal of truck leasing agreements (typically 5 to 7 years) and the usual truck fleet renewal.

Aplicom introduces a new all-in-one solution that allows you to provide your customers with a remote download service for digital tachograph data and help them to improve their operations and save on costs by using a smarter solution.

Aplicoms’ partner Tachoeasy is the leading provider of archived tachograph data solutions in Austria. Tachoeasy's CEO Christian Graf von Bentzel-Sternau praises Aplicom for its new remote download service and its innovativeness with the first customer installations having already been done.

Solution for the first generation of digital tachographs

For downloading data from the first generation of digital tachographs the vehicle is equipped with a card reader for reading driver cards. When a driver has a suitable moment for making the download he or she just inserts the driver card to the reader and the automatic card reading process begins.

Solution for the second generation of digital tachographs

For downloading digital tachograph data from the second generation of digital tachographs there is no need for a driver card reader. Aplicom provides a connection from A1 to the tachograph for a direct download. The remote download is started either locally pressing a keypad, or by a command from the Remote Download Client, or by other defined configurable action. The A1 sends the digitally signed data in an encrypted format over GPRS network to Aplicom’s database where it can be downloaded with the Aplicom Remote Download Client.

The Service

The service provided by Aplicom allows you a direct start in and vehicle complex remote download business. We provide all needed tools to get the data from the driver cards to the back-end office of the customer. This Aplicom offering expands your telematics services with a very reasonable feature. By providing this service as a monthly charged option, it allows an easy add-on to your existing business.

Tip of the month

As A1 MAX-RDL is a separate SW on the unit turning the MAX SW off when activated, is the choosing of the remote download moment important if you are collecting e.g. CAN/FMS data. Our proposition is to use loading/unloading actions for the download. The download takes normally 5-8 minutes and if the download is done by a cargo load, is no position or CAN/FMS data lost.

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