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In this issue: Aplicom focuses on data security, 4G connectivity for A11, Getting to know EBS systems’ telematics with A9 IPEX EBS Starter Kit
In this issue: Aplicom A11W device available with hotspot, Aplicom 1-Wire temperature monitoring solution offers cost-effective way for measuring and reporting temperatures, Aplicom A-series devices use with OEM fuel level sensors
In this issue: Aplicom products in marine fleet solutions, Pre-calculate Aplicom A11 battery operation time, Tip of the month: Aplicom RDL Management Service, Follow Aplicom on social media
In this issue: New bigger capacity Aplicom SIM cards with lower prices, Aplicom’s Auto IoT – solution for vehicle repair operations presented at the ConCarExpo 2017, Carsharing with Aplicom A9 and its special solution
In this issue: Now you can integrate AgoraBee RFID reader to Aplicom A9 telematics device – indentify and track your assets precisely, Administrate your vehicles even more easily with new Aplicom RDL Service Management API, G-protocol is the latest addition to Aplicom protocols – new features are more flexibly available
In this issue: Great interest in new Aplicom A11W with integrated WLAN functionality, Aplicom A9 IPEX - durable even in extreme conditions, Aplicom at ConCarExpo 2017, Tip of the month: ECHO feature - check your software version and SW-options with a simple text message

Aplicom Newsletter, March 2017
In this issue: Aplicom’s net sales in 2016 increased by more than 20% and the company expanded its business with automotive repair chain service solutions, Aplicom partners with Cumulocity for a stronger presence in the IoT-world, Aplicom participated in the MER Group´s Business Event in Salons Waerboom, Belgium

In this issue: Aplicom A9 TRIX/ IPEX used in the ski-piste maintenance, interesting user case and outdoor application, Aplicom A9 TRIX K-line – benefit for digital tachograph service, Aplicom A1 – An excellent era, Aplicom posters now available

Aplicom Newsletter, December 2016
In this issue: Aplicom A11; Aplicom extends its offering ro digitalised solutions for car repair chains; Jamming detection

Aplicom Newsletter, June 2016
In this issue we are representing Aplicom A9 TRIX 3G unit, faster and real-time driver information for A9 RDL, greetings from CV Show in Birmingham, Garmin navigation two-way communication with new features and, of course, tip of the month! 

Aplicom Newsletter, December 2015
In this issue we are representing A9 IPEX with cold chain and electronic braking system (EBS) solution and Valtra smart success story: CAN analysis from tractors

Aplicom Newsletter, September 2015
In this issue we are representing the A9 NEX product family with its new features and products, and the long term partnership with Skycom 

Aplicom Newsletter, May 2015
In this issue we are representing a new generation of A9 Quick

Aplicom Anniversary Newsletter, February 2015
In this issue: Twenty years of partnership, Co-operation with Thorcom, GPS/GLONASS positioning and A-GPS function in A1 units, Alicom's expanding service offering, tip of the month  

Aplicom Newsletter, March 2014
In this issue: A1 MAX RDL new feature; End user savings with remote download of digital tachograph data; FMS 3.0

Aplicom Newsletter, December 2013
In this issue: A1 MAX Trailer Unit; A9 M2M; A9 Quick; FMS CAN functionalities; Garmin Fleet Updater

Aplicom Newsletter, March 2013
In this issue: Renewed A1 offering with new features; Digital hands free kit; Aplicom website in Russian; A9 M2M preliminary info 

Aplicom Newsletter, October 2012
This issue is a special edition of the A9 unit.

Aplicom Newsletter, July 2012
In this issue: Insurance telematics study; Contactless CAN; GPS&GLONASS combination; New Aplicom members

Aplicom Newsletter, April 2012
In this issue: New A1 hardware; IDHA; Missing GPS positions; UK exhibition attendance

Aplicom Newsletter, November 2011
In this issue: Pocket Mobile; The balloon festival; Satcom Technology

Aplicom Newsletter, September 2011
In this issue: R-series; MyGarmin; End-user savings

Aplicom Newsletter, May 2011
A special edition concentrating on remote downloading of digital tachograph data

Aplicom Newsletter, January 2011
In this issue: Daimler's European road service works with Aplicom products; Upgrading A1 units over the air; New members in Sales and Marketing

Aplicom Newsletter, October 2010
In this issue: A5 GLX introduced in Russia; New security and tracking devices - R-series; New accessories - buzzer and immobiliser

Aplicom Newsletter, May 2010

In this issue: Alba chose A1 units for their waste management trucks; New GPS/GLONASS product - A5 GLX; Aplicom SIM-cards

Aplicom Newsletter, February 2010
In this issue: Trailer tracking; A1 proven to survive; Cost efficient roaming in Europe; Global coverage with A1; A1's ecofriendly tour around the world

Aplicom Newsletter, December 2009
In this issue: Telenor and Zeekit provide A1 based electroni log-books; Soil drilling specialist, Stump, tested A1 successfully; Customise the driver log keypad

Aplicom Newsletter, October 2009
In this issue: Nightline courier company deliver with A1 Trax; Temperature sensor solution; Predict communication costs; New Garmin navigators

Aplicom Newsletter, August 2009

In this issue: Pinnacle uses A1 at airports; Trackon Telematics and Aplicom start cooperation; Unique solutions easily with A1; Aplicom's Discussion Forum for A1 developers

Aplicom Newsletter, April 2009
In this issue: Arla Foods implements Aplicom HW; Medizinischer Transportservice to use A1; WinCE device; Garmin and Aplicom into partnership; New office




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