Fleet telematics and IoT Company

Aplicom started as a European pioneer with its innovative vehicle telematics devices in the 1990s. Since then Aplicom’s high quality vehicle fleet management and telematics tracking units have been installed by Aplicom’s system and service partners to several hundreds of thousands of vehicles and vehicle fleets.

In today’s developing automotive IoT (Internet of Things) market Aplicom’s products include Aplicom telematics units with extensive software, services and solutions. Aplicom helps its service partners and equipment manufacturers to enlarge and build their offering faster and more cost effectively for the end customer. Read more.

Vehicle Telematics Units

Aplicom’s vehicle installed communication units are known for their high quality, extensive software features and versatile connectivity options to various vehicle data. Aplicom’s in-depth knowledge of trucks, lighter commercial vehicles, trailers, buses, tractors as well as passenger cars greatly benefits Aplicom’s partners.

Aplicom, through this versatility, quality and knowhow, has gained its position as a European leader of developing and manufacturing professional vehicle telematics units. Read More...

Solutions with Aplicom devices

Aplicom offers ready developed solutions with it Aplicom telematics units - like the Electronic Braking System (EBS) interface and software, diagnostics data, Garmin protocol interface and connection to temperature control equipment – and many more customised solutions.

Our customised and ready-made solutions are based on our tools and knowhow of CAN bus, OBD II interfaces, vehicle ECUs (Electronics control units) among others. Read More...

Service offering

Aplicom provides a highly professional support for its system and service partners by email, extranet and phone. It helps you to better serve your own customers.

  • Aplicom Remote Download service of digital tachograph data is one of the forerunners in the market, which has proven its reliability with Aplicom devices in numerous small and large installations.
  • With its onboard Vehicle Diagnostics data Aplicom offers OBD II connection and virtual cloud extension of its A9 unit with standard and non-standard diagnostics and other ECU coding.
  • The European wide SIM card offering with Aplicom devices includes also SIM card installations and a useful portal for partners’ use to control their SIM usage. Read more.

IoT and Industrial Telemetry

Aplicom’s programmable IoT units are widely used in telemetry applications such as in cranes and weather stations.

All our units are designed for demanding environments; so they function reliably in circumstances of extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration.

Read more

A11 - New flagship product family for Aplicom

Our new flagship product family A11 will lead you to the next level of telematics - proven firmware, including a real-time multi-tasking operating system, with unique features and capabilities as well as superb reliability will let you fulfill almost any needs of telematics. Read more...

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